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David Schaefer
- consulting on projects and equipment
- support for servers and workstations in large office, small office, home office, and personal environments
- expertise in web servers, mail servers, dns servers
- specializing in the special needs of creative industries
Steven J. McIntosh
- illustration, photo manipulation, print design, web design
- HTML, CDML, Lasso encoding
- FileMaker development
Eric P. Jorgenson
- FileMaker development
- office management
Martie Marro
- web servers, dns servers
- audio and video software and hardware
Bill Buikema
- business software consulting
Kevin Buckstiegel
- web design, HTML encoding
Erin Dekker
- hardware and software sales
Katie Jacobson
- accounting and office management
Lisa Hernandez
- web design
Felicia Dwyer
- legal services
Karen K. Dixon
- legal services

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